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8:30am - 10pm (Monday - Saturday)
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• Preventive Maintenance Servicing and Repair • Body Cosmetic Repair
• Aircon Cooling System Servicing and Repair • Suspension Replacement
• Battery and Brakes Inspection and Replacement • General Repair
• Engine & Gear Box Servicing and Repair • Others - Please Give Us A Call For Appointment and Advice
• Accident Repairs  

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I have used Cashin services for the last 5+ yrs and can attest to the reliable service, reasonable rates and flexibility in timing to accommodate one's busy schedule. Been to many different workshop around the island and is the still the most trusted.
Leonard - Google Review
Really appreciated 889 service.. transparent price and sincere work from the boss
Zhimin Seow - Google Review
Good, honest mechanic who could me what was wrong when I share the problems faced.
Hui Ling Sim - Google Review
Great service and very reasonable pricing. Will switch to Cashin for servicing!
Waikit Leong - Google Review
Attentive and efficient service.
Roger Tan RTSP - Google Review
This is an incredible experience having my car serviced by Cashin from 889 Car Servicing Pte Ltd. It is a very old car and the air con has malfunctioned last few days. I decided to search on the net and 889 came up. Cashin (the boss) patiently explained how the aircon system could go wrong and how his new diagnostic machine can troubleshoot. It is not just refueling the refrigerant gas but you need to clean it and lubricate it which his machine could perform. Many shops would just tell you to replace the parts, the compressor and other components and you end up with a S$2.5k bill. That is exactly what happened a few years back. So the solution is this. Clean the aircon, lubricate it, fill the gas and see what happens in a few months time. If it works, it is all good. If the gas leakage is high, or some other issues then come back. He also took a look at the ring light as one of the bulb blew and it had been a recurring problem. Again it is not the headlight hence not mission critical. He found the wires and connectors are all frayed and therefore require a replacement. But why not come back later and fix all these at one goal (if need be). This is the first time a mechanic/boss teaches me to save money and more importantly time! One more thing. When I walked into the waiting area, a mechanic spotted me and bowed slightly. I had to look around to see if this is some internet prank lol. And the bill is perfectly reasonable. I told him he got a customer for life. Thank you Cashin. (The above description may have missed many details as I am not a car guy.) Highly recommended.
Harry Huo - Google Review
I cannot be more grateful to Cashin for his relentless effort to fix my car.
His knowledge of BMW is incomparable and most importantly he is honest, responsible, and responsive. I bought a used F10 528i about 9 months back and since then I have been having issues with knocking sounds coming from the driver's seat whenever I go over humps or uneven slopes. Prior to going to Cashin, I've spent a lot of money at 3 other workshops but the work was just shabby. On my first visit, Cashin tested the car with me for about 1-2 hours, strangely there wasn't any sound during that test drive. Although precious time was spent he did not charge me a dime on this visit. Frustratingly, the sound did surface again after I left the workshop. I went back again a couple of weeks later and Cashin removed the entire seat to tightened loose parts and only charges me a token for this repair but the problem did not go away. After some discussion, he suggested that the seat frame may be the culprit. Although he could have insisted that I spend on replacing a new one, he searched for an alternative to lower the cost. After replacing the seat frame, there were some improvements but the sound was not totally gone. Cashin then makes another attempt to strip the entire seat, secure every single component 1 at a time, and reassemble the seat. Finally, the problem has been resolved. Thank you Cashin. Appreciative and very grateful for your effort.
Quekie - BMW Forums
Yes, totally agreed with you.
I have been with Cashin for the past 4 years with regular servicing and parts replacement. He is very honest; committed to resolve problem with reasonable and practical approach. The package is reasonable and justification. Recently, I have carried out some overhaul and parts replacement (for drive comfort and improvement) and his package is reasonable as compare to other workshop (apple to apple parts comparison) ... other workshop will add on other unnecessary parts during the quotation summary. Another plus point : He will response to your emergency message during weekend and willing to give advise and support.
TF Chan - BMW Forums
Mr Cashin has extensive knowledge of BMWs and has good experience and expertise to go along with it.
Prices are reasonable too. Went there twice already.
A Arjun Kharidehal
My family dog decided to chew on my bumper and side skirt. Found 889 reviews online were reliable and good.
Decided to give Cashin a try. Easily contacted him to discuss the different options and the cost assessment. Dropped the car off in the morning and was able to collect the car by 9PM. He got the job done with good quality in a day including a free car wash.
CP Chia
There are many BMW specialist workshops around and not many is as trustworthy.
I have gone to codewerk@Ubi for a pre-purchase evaluation for my X3 after reading the many good reviews but was damn disappointed. Even though i have made an appointment in advance, it was done by a fresh young mechanic instead of the seniors. Although he was detailed, he was unsure on many issues and hence he kept consulting his seniors for opinions. After that, i was told by the workshop in-charge that the car is basically in a very good conditions but yet i need to replace many items including the spark plugs that was just a year old. Total quotation was near to $4000 which made me uncomfortable. As such, i decided to go for 2nd opinion and contacted Mr Terng after reading the many positive reviews here.

I was impressed that although the workshop has many bays, it was still overcrowded with bimmers. Better business than codewerk ! The boss was friendly and attentive in hearing me out . After checking , he clarified that many of the items as mentioned by codewerk are still in good conditions and one of them just need to be repaired rather than replaced ! Checked other items and highlighted the issues with options . Was not pushy ! It saved me a few $K and overall a comfortable experience ! Not a budget workshop but certainly a reliable one !!
Pastor (SG Car Mart)
It's like finding a diamond
To cut a long story short , I have an e90 325 and my regular mechanic said I needed a new ecu as I have an engine fault.. Was quoted $2800.. The previous month I had just spent $2300 on a service with same guys. So now alarm bells are going off in my head.Im thinking if I need a second opinion. So after a few phone calls I recommended 889... BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE... Mr Terng is helpful, honest, knowledgeable, explains everything that you need to know and is very patient.I explained all the noises that can be heard (which the other shop could not hear) and he resolved all of them. He took my car and slowly and efficiently checked all through the engine to find the faults. He managed to resolve the ecu without changing it as this was not the root cause but a faulty valvetronic motor (which the other shop said was fine) . Changing the ecu would not have resolved anything as the fault would have come back.

Now i have a wonderful smooth and very quiet car. And I didn't pay anywhere near that $2800 . So if you want to find a diamond in all of these workshops please look no further! Thank you Mr Terng and ur team, see you soon and may your business grow. What a great guy!
Ultimate service for the ultimate driving machine
I drive a BMW E66. Over the last 6 months I have spent substantial time and $$$ on the air suspension that couldn't be fixed by 4 different workshops until I read the reviews on 889 and visited the workshop. The first workshop was JSP Autowerks that replaced my air suspension and many other related parts but the car just could not be driven like any normal car. Mechanic insist nothing was wrong with the car even after a test drive. Worst, he said all BMWs drive this way. Dishonest or incompetent? Well he doesn't even know the ride height can be calibrated easily (which I know now) so I brought the car to Juzz for Cars which took 4 hours to manually re-calibrate (which I know now that it needs only 15 mins to auto-calibrate). It was also disappointing that this workshop doesn't have the expertise to recognise that the car still had an abnormal (harsh and unsettling) drive after the re-calibration. The next workshop was Technic Automotive. They tried to help and I did some repair works to the transmission and door stopper. The only thing related to the suspension was a change of the battery to a 110 ah sealed lead-acid. I supposed workshop like this and Juzz for Cars are too 'big' and commercialised to afford the bandwidth to look into diagnosing the issue beyond using the BMW diagnostic scan tool. The 4th workshop was Ready Auto. This workshop proclaimed that there is no BMW issue they cannot fixed and when I tried to describe the symptoms in more details, they stopped me and said they know what to do. As it turned out, after leaving the car there for 3 days they told me I have to change to a 90 ah AGM battery. Of course that didn't fixed the car. By this time, it was already obvious that there was a parasitic draw on the battery that caused the air in the suspension insufficiently filled by the air compressor. I checked back with Ready Auto to see if they had done any diagnostic on parasitic draw but instead of friendly advice or an apology, I got an earful from them that I did not communicate the 'real' issue with them.

Didn't mean to be long-winded but just hope all can learn from my costly experience. 889 listened to my 'stories' and I left the car with them on a monday. On wednesday night 10.30 pm I received a call from Terng telling me he has just found the component that it is drawing current when the car is in sleep mode. That is the kind of passion and hardwork that I have given up hope that it exist in Singapore. That is the kind of expertise on electrical issues which I didn't expect given the relatively young age of the cars in Singapore. He fixed my car on thursday. Subsequently, I went back on at least 4 occasions to reprogram and recalibrate the suspension at no extra charge. This workshop deserves more than 5 stars.
Patient & Good service
Bought my first car and was recommended by a friend to have a checkup and servicing before going on the road. The mechanic provided excellent service and was willing to share with me the parts and price for each worn-out parts that needs to be replaced. He gave a detailed inspection of my car and did not hard-sell any products. Lucky to have someone to share his knowledge for an amateur driver like me. Recommended.
horse_power | Neutral Newbie
Recommended for new / experienced BMW drivers and other car make models
This shop provides a sincere and honest servicing / repairs with a patient approach. The knowledge sharing and meticulous workmanship is especially important to a new driver like me with limited knowledge and experience on cars. The friendly customer service will make your day if your car is giving you a hard time and you will drive off with a sense of assurance / confidence that your car was in good hands. Practically everything pertaining to your car can be discussed and carefully explained before / while servicing and repair. Highly recommended if you prefer a shop which will service your car like it's own and not rushing to finish a job!
Godspeed81 | Neutral Newbie
Friendly and good services. :-)
dennis_low | Neutral Newbie
Honest Shop
Their man explained to me that parts are spoil and how it will affect the car and discussed with me the pros and cons as well. i was quite impressed with their knowledge.
Fonal | Neutral Newbie
Kudos to 889
Their mechanic offered to share insight with me regarding my car and slowly explained to me that some parts were worn or going to and suggested i change certain parts. overall very honest shop we're talking about.
Logilac | Neutral Newbie
Car workshop for ladies drivers
Suitable for ladies drivers. Non-intimidating experience for a lady, unlike my past 15 years of experience sending my car for servicing & repair. Mechanic was patient. Bothered to explain why I needed to change certain car parts. So unlike my past experience - I always get the exasperated look from the mechanics when I asked questions on my car repair/ servicing. He even gave me some tips on the way to keep my car in optimum condition.
Cherub | Neutral Newbie
Servicing & replacement of rear brake pad for bmw F10
The technician was working at BMW as a technical advisor for around 20 yr. it was being recommended by my friends as my warranty was over for my F10 .After comparing the pricing from PML i decide to try out 889 car servicing pte ltd. The service was great beside replacing the brake pad he also help to check on other parts to pre- alert me what parts need to be change & the costing for the repair. More important the repair cost is much cheaper then PML . Will recommend for BMW car owner to try out this workshop.
Tricky | Neutral Newbie